About Us :

As business activities surge and take on a variety of forms, dealings become increasingly complex and require more regulating lands. And as such activities develop and become more intricate, an increasing number of restrictions and rules are needed. Therefore, prudence and confidence must go hand in hand in dealing with other parties; in this context, legal advisors and lawyers play a prominent role in providing advice and consultations and in assisting the members of the community in following the rightful legal path. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, laws are dictated by the principles of the Islamic Shariah, therefore, the responsibility of legal advisors is religious and professional and requires acumen, dedication and confidence in god Almighty and in themselves. Sameh M. Toban & Co. - Attorneys at Law & Legal Advisors has made great strides toward increasing the businessmen’s legal awareness through the services and consultations that it provides in all legal and Shariah areas. Its clients therefore have a solid and sound base for their business all over the world, with no fear or hesitation. May ALLAH Almighty guide our steps toward the right path for the benefit of all concerned.