Sameh M. Toban & Co. – Attorneys at Law & Legal Advisors is the culmination of more than 58 years of experience in Business Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and overseas. The Firm was established in 1979 in the city of Riyadh, KSA, by the individual efforts of its founder, Mohammed
Abdul Hamid Toban, Legal Advisor.

The Firm’s business grew and it soon became a sophisticated provider of all types of legal services in the Kingdom.

In early 1991, the Firm’s first branch office was opened in the city of Jeddah KSA. Sameh Mohamed Toban, Attorney at Law and Legal Advisor manage the branch.

Both offices employ an exclusive group of lawyers and assistants of various nationalities and areas of specialty. We have therefore been able to fulfill our professional obligations toward our clients through the concerted efforts of our team and to enhance our international legal experience and negotiating ability.